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KASEMAKE series 6

KM6 series cutting tables are capable of working 7 days per week, producing thousands of boxes each year. They do not get tired or stop work because of a cut finger. The quality of product is always high and does not vary. Running costs are low. You will produce many more boxes on a KASEMAKE CXD System than you ever imagined possible.

The KM6 Series are tables able to both cut and crease a wide range of sheet materials, from papers to heavy corrugated boards and including Archival Board. Available in a range of sizes, the most popular being the KM526A at 1700mm x 1300mm in cutting area, is capable of working on virtually all Archive Boards.

The table is equipped with a selection of tools that meet the requirements of archives and libraries looking to manufacture Archive Boxes, Phase Boxes and similar enclosures,in house.

To cut thicker Corrugated Boards for transit packaging or storage there is an Electric Oscillating Knife. This can cut board up to 15mm in thickness and does so by moving the blade, rapidly, in a sawing motion. These blades are long lasting and generally made from Tungsten Carbide.

For Archive Board and other Solid Boards the table is equipped with a Drag Knife which cuts like a scalpel, without oscillation. Blades are low cost and disposable, keeping the cost of consumables down.

The table comes with a Creasing Tool and a range of attachments to adapt the creaser for creasing different materials. Archive Board requires different creasing techniques to those used on Corrugated Board.

Each box can be identified or personalised at the time of manufacture, by having a unique number plotted onto the spine, as part of the process.

When a sheet of board is placed on the table for cutting and creasing it must be held securely in position. This is achieved by using a vacuum which draws air through the table surface and sucks the board to the table.

KM526A cutting table Sample produced on KM526A Production on KM526A
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